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Meet the Labontes

When we started this business in 2016, the Joanna Gaines white-washed farmhouse trend was all the rage. “Rustic” was the hot catchword, and we embodied everything about it. As time went on and we evolved into higher-end woodworking, we've elevated our rustic roots. These days, we are all about bringing our clients’ dream homes to life with custom, high-end pieces that find the luxury in rustic. Massive reclaimed beam mantles, 10’ single slab dining tables, and hardwood man cave bar tops are just a few examples of the caliber of work we provide to our clients. Best of all, we handle the process from sawing the tree into slabs to installing the final product. That way nothing is left to chance in the quality of our work or the experience of our customers.

Our business is family owned and operated in Colorado. Jason is our lead craftsman, and his background in aerospace engineering has engrained him with a deep commitment to precision and quality. Those traits are obviously reflected in his handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces. Every attention to detail is taken, and no account is closed until you are "over the moon" about your purchase.

We look forward to working with you!

~ Jason + Leah

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