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  • Oversized arrangement standing ~ 30" tall.
  • Featuring Feather Bloom flower arrangement, made by local artist Sandie Mackenzie.
  • Five oversized flowers in various styles and colors. Some flowers measuring up to 5" in diameter. 

A Feather Bloom is a hand crafted flower made from the feathers of the ring-neck pheasant. The feathers are a palette of natural patterns and colors with an iridescent glow. Each flower reveals its own unique beauty once the piece comes together. To make feathers into flowers, each bird pelt is meticulously hand-washed and dried to ensure cleanliness and to bring out the natural brilliance of the feathers. It takes about an hour to make each flower, sometimes even two hours!

Oversized Bucket Wowie

$500.00 Regular Price
$325.00Sale Price
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