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"Woodmaker's Widow" Wine Cup

Want to know how I keep my wife in the shop? It's real simple. #wine

Leah has always told me the best way to get her to hang out anywhere for more than 30 minutes is a cool glass of sauvignon blanc. (Yes, I actually know what that is and how to spell it. She has me trained.) So I got a little creative in sourcing the first product for our Amazon store.

The Woodmaker's Widow Wine Cup. Which is basically a sippy cup for adults.

It keeps your drink cool, prevents spilling (for the most part), and keeps the sawdust out. A win-win-win for shop life. Check out Leah's video to hear the story behind the cup's name and a little more about its features.

Want to order yours? We're having an Amazon Launch Party tomorrow where you can grab your wine cup for just $1.00! This discount is only available for the first 50 orders, so stay tuned into our Facebook page to make sure you don't miss out.

What's the catch? Just help us out by leaving a review on Amazon to make sure it was worth your dollar.

Keep it classy out there, you wino's you. See you next time!

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