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Home Town Takeover -- Episode 6

Glenn Miller Park + Beaver Avenue

The season finale of #HomeTownTakeover featured three big projects that we donated time and material to, alongside some key partners like Paramount Remodeling, CT Fabworks and Midwestern Millwright. Jason has never put in longer hours or more all nighters than for the projects in this episode!

Each of these pieces came together alongside the rest of the park renovations to create a really awesome space for our community to enjoy. Fort Morgan has lots of well-attended events at the park each year, so amplifying this area will have a direct impact in the immediate future.

To make sure we do more than just "talk the talk," Just Rustic has decided to host an outdoor market this summer on Beaver Avenue. The Rustic Market will feature local handmade / homegrown goods, including home decor, apparel, produce, furniture, baked goods and more.

As some of you might remember from a few years back .... we previously hosted this event in Brighton where it would draw in 2,000+ shoppers every time. So whether you'd like to have a booth or just come enjoy the goods, we hope you all can join us there on August 13!

~ Jason + Leah

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Great idea! Thank you for your support of Fort Morgan.

 Jason + Leah
Jason + Leah
Jun 02, 2023
Replying to

Thank you very much! It's truly been our pleasure.

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