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Home Town Takeover -- Episode 5

The Millar Home and China Grove

Episode five featured two sites where our crew went ALL OUT. We jumped in wherever we could to pull these renovations off in record time, completing all the projects you see here in less than 15 days.

The Millars

The Millar home was an exciting site for us. We got to feature more of our talents in this house than any other single location on Home Town Takeover. Once again, we had way too many videos and pics to share in written format, so check out our behind the scenes video.

China Grove

China Grove was a fast and furious build that required all hands on deck at any given hour of the day / night. Aside from the ceiling, floor, electrical and staging, our guys had their hands on everything else inside the store.

Maximizing space was extremely important, since the footprint of the store is so long and narrow. So Dave and Jenny's team asked us to craft built-in shelving units along both walls to hang and display apparel ... but they wanted the shelves to go beyond functional. They also needed to look modern and hip.

The v-shaped unit behind the checkout counter definitely achieved that vision, acting as one of the major focal points in the store. Helped in part by the upside down bicycle .... which was NO easy feat to hang, I might add! 🤪 We also added some wood trim along the front of each shelf to give dimension and create a more high-end shopping experience.

After the built-ins were done, we constructed the railroad tie checkout counter and benches for the changing rooms in the back. But the store was still just a blank canvas. It didn't truly come to life until the design team came in to fill the shelves with clothes, shoes and other accessories. We can't compliment that group of hard working folks enough on this renovation! They really knocked it out of the park in what before seemed like a small and restricted space.


With just one final episode left in season two, we are super close to wrapping up all the beautiful things that happened here in Fort Morgan. We promise the season finale won't disappoint, so make sure to tune in this Sunday!

~ Jason + Leah

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