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Home Town Takeover -- Episode 4

The Town Sign, Queen Lounge and the Rey House

For this blog, we wanted to do a little something different. We have SO MANY progress pics and videos throughout episode four that we decided to compile them into highlight reels featuring each project.

Oasis on the Plains -- Town Sign

When Ben and Erin's team approached us about building the town sign, I'm not going to lie. We were a little nervous. Not exactly something that's typically in our wheelhouse, but there was no way we were gonna turn it down!

It took our entire team / family plus a few very talented collaborators some lonnnnng days and evenings to pull this project off in time for the big town reveal.

Please don't laugh at our amateur attempt to create a video blog. We promise to get better. Technology is hard. 😳

Queen Lounge -- River Bar

On the other hand, the river bar for the Queen Lounge was absolutely in our wheelhouse. Jason lives to make epoxy-centered table and bar tops that feature his high-end finish. So he was stoked to show off what we're capable of!

Initially, we were asked just to do the top, but a hiccup developed with the bar's base being completed in time. So that was our chance to jump in and create the whole thing from start to finish. And we couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.

The Rey House

We also got to add a few touches of Just Rustic around the Reys home. We constructed the flower box for their front window, milled the beetle kill boards for the walkway between their living room and kitchen, crafted the built-in wine bottle holder in the cabinets, and built the hood vent above the stove. (Our daughter, Brooklynn, even helped install the hood vent!)

Everything came down to the wire to make this place perfect for its reveal. So much so that Jason showed up with our mower at 7 a.m. to cut the front lawn before the cameras got there. At the end of the day, it didn't matter whose job it was. The entire team pitched in to bring the Reys dream home to life.


Phew! Just watching that episode made us exhausted all over again. 🤪 So what did you guys think about the videos? Should we do more of the same, or go back to the written format next time? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

~ Jason + Leah

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