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How To Build It: Desk + Book Shelf

I had a few different ideas on what to share with you all for our first tutorial, but they were kindly vetoed.

Mrs. Just Rustic stepped in and reminded me how patiently she has been waiting to finish our home office ...

... seeing as how my CAD system computers have taken over the entire kitchen. It seems in any profession, the professional's stuff usually falls to the bottom of the priority list underneath all the customers. The contractor's home is the last to be remodeled, the horse shoer's horse is the last to be trimmed, and the mechanic's car is the last to be fixed. Furniture is no different. The wood worker's home is the last to be furnished.

So finally after a Sunday's worth of work, we have our home office. All three of the girls (yes, I'm including the Aussie in that count) pitched in to get this thing done, and it turned out pretty legit if I do say so myself.

Disclaimer: We are not professional videographers. Don't laugh at our amateur attempt. It's not nice.

But please do let us know if you liked it! Or didn't like it. Was it too long with too much detail? Or did we not cover some aspect you'd like to know more about? Either way, leave us a comment. We're happy to answer any questions and improve upon the next video.

That's all for now. Like Leah said, join us next time to see how we can take a boring, beat-up filing cabinet off Craigslist and turn it into a piece you'd be proud to display in your home.

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