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Our Next (and Last) Move

I guess we really like to move heavy furniture. And have a hard time sitting still. We've hopped around the Denver area quite a bit in the last 7 years as our business has expanded and changed. From a townhouse garage to a showroom at the mall, every one of those steps has been exciting. But none of them come close to this one.

Our showroom is headed to Fort Morgan!

As many of you know, we've been living, sawing and building in Weldona (a small town just outside of Fort Morgan) for the past four years. Jason and I made the move because we needed way more space for the workshop and sawmill we just purchased.

Yes, that's right. We moved for the saw. When I was 8 months pregnant. I bet you can guess how the dinner table conversations went during that time. 😉

But it was the best decision we've ever made. The area out here along the Platte River is absolutely stunning. (Plus there's enough room for a couple horses, which made the saw situation less of an issue.)

Aside from the space and scenery, the small town vibe in Fort Morgan is something we both couldn't get enough of. We've fallen in love with the people and businesses here. It's everything we could have wished for in a place to grow our family and business.

Between those feelings and the work we did with Home Town Takeover, we knew investing in this community had not been and never would be a bad idea. So we did a bunch of homework, ran a lot of numbers, and eventually took the leap.

We bought a building downtown on Main Street.

God was definitely guiding our efforts, as the building we found wasn't even on the market at the time. It was, in fact, the northern half of the Better Sleep Store.

Jim and Deb Forstedt have owned and operated The Better Sleep Store for the last 45 years. They moved into 224 Main Street in 1997, but the building itself has been operating as a furniture store under several different owners for the last 80 years.

That's what makes this entire thing so special. We get to contribute to the small business growth downtown by keeping the furniture legacy in this historic building alive. As an added bonus, we're keeping the walkway between our showroom and The Better Sleep Store open. So customers can freely shop between the two.

We are thrilled that Jim and Deb trust us to manage the next generation of furniture sales by their side. They are more than neighbors. They are mentors, friends, and downright wonderful people. So cheers to the next 40 years. We're done moving. 🥂

FUN FACT -- 224 Main Street was built in 1884, right next to Fort Morgan's original bank.

As a nod to its history and beautiful architecture, we plan to restore the face of the building. Peel off the tin, open up the windows, and show off that beautiful brick!

That whole process will take a hot second, since it involves historic boards at both the city and state level along with some different grants. So in the meantime, we're going to throw up some paint and new floors inside and get this puppy ready for business!

If all goes well, we plan to have our grand opening sometime in mid-October. Our last day of business at the Westminster showroom will be August 31, so we have plenty of time to get everything moved over and set up. Design consults, installs and custom order builds will still be taking place throughout the entire time, so just give us a ring if you need us!

~ Jason + Leah

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So happy you've found your storefront in Fort Morgan! Welcome!

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