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Home Town Takeover -- Episode 1

The Boon Ranch and Zazzy's Cafe

The wait is finally over! Last night was the season premiere of Home Town Takeover, hosted by Ben and Erin + Dave and Jenny. You got to see just a snippet of what Just Rustic did on the show, but there was so much more work behind the scenes.

First up was Sarah Boon's house.

Sarah Boon purchased the old Lloyd Cox Cutting Horse ranch just outside of Fort Morgan several years ago. While the acreage and horse facilities are impressive, the house itself was a bit dated. So Dave, Jenny and their team stepped in with a beautiful new vision.

As part of it, we were enlisted to help with several projects around the ranch house. The first was a periwinkle blue dutch door, meant to mimic barn doors traditionally found out in the stable. After we sourced a standard exterior door, we enlisted the help of our friend and neighbor, Jay Lynch, to chop it in half, mount the hardware, and insert the glass. Then we took it back to do the paint / finish work and finally install it at Sarah's home.

To complement the main door, Jenny also asked us to incorporate matching shutters across the front of the house. We built these in a very classic farmhouse style, painted them periwinkle blue, and added some hardware accents. Once they were done, we installed them on the main porch level as well as up top on the dormers.

In the kitchen and living room, several ceiling beams were added to make sure Sarah's house maintained that "Texas ranch" feel. We were hired to mill all the wood for these 6"x10" rough sawn faux beams, and Jason even helped Jonathan Knight install most of them.

And while we don't do metal work in-house, we couldn't pass up the final request for Sarah's property. The team wanted to hang a sign under the massive pipe archway at the top of her drive. When they asked if this was something we could help with, Leah jumped at the chance.

"Back before Just Rustic was a thing, my previous jobs were centered around graphic

design," said Leah. "Combine that with my love for horses and dream to someday own a ranch like

Sarah's ... I was just so happy to be a part of the process and create something really special for her."

After Leah worked her magic on the computer, we paid the guys over at Midwestern Millwright to cut out the 6' long x 3' tall sign using their water jet CNC. The sign was powder coated black, and then all that was left was for Jason and Dave to jump on the scissor lift and hang it.

Next in line, Zazzy Cafe.

As customers of the coffee shop both before and after its reno, Zazzy has to be one of the biggest transformations out of all 18 projects.

Since it was one of the first locations to start, and we joined the HGTV crew a few weeks behind everyone else, Jason didn't participate in any of the construction aspects. We did, however, provide specialty hardwood lumber for different accent pieces throughout the cafe. Two of the most notable are the checkout counter slats and the open shelving unit.

"When I got the call asking if I could mill 200+ 1" x 2" elm boards, I was like, "Sure thing, when do you need them by," said Jason. "That's when they told me they needed them that day! And that was my introduction to the timelines I'd try to keep up with for the next three months."


And that's a wrap on episode one. We will continue to share our involvement in each episode after it airs -- working on our recap for number two as we speak. Stay tuned!

~ Jason + Leah

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